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Aircraft Restoration Program Support

Nothing`s impossible. Ask us to support your historic aircraft restoration program.

We take over design- and substantiation work packages, manage smaller technical projects or the entire program to comply with either national or EASA requirements.

When thinking about aircraft restoration, everything starts with an idea that aims to regain airworthiness for an historic aircraft, but what does that mean?

Experience showed that this is everything but an easy challenge – after all, it is not impossible.

When restoring an aircraft considered being complex motor-powered as recognized by EASA, this task is even more ambitious as all regulations established for large aeroplanes have to be followed and contracts have to be made with companies having appropriate approvals and ratings for management of continuing airworthiness.

Most likely and by nature of the undertaking, the program will fall under Annex I of EU Basic Regulation so that the National Competent Authority and not EASA is responsible for defining the necessary regulatory environment. In nearly all cases the Authority will adapt EASA processes and procedures. From our experience, a good evaluation of the program`s complexity right from the start is essential for a good working relationship with every shareholder involved.


In order to obtain the Certificate of Airworthiness, compliance with the aircraft`s Type Certificate has to be demonstrated – and here´s the most complex part of the game as this means, that each system, each nut and bolt has to be in condition deemed safe for operation by the (Supplemental) Type Certificate Holder. In many cases the (S)TC-Holder is no longer existing and/or the TC or STC surrendered in meantime.

Lack of technical information like drawings, specifications, manuals, etc. containing the required essential information can soon bring the program in jeopardy.

At this point ESAC Engineering & Aerospace is at your side to organize and manage requirements, define new envelopes, establish the required engineering and coordinate with the Competent Authority. We can work out a utilization profile for your historic aircraft and define the most economical way ahead together with you.

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