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What we do

“Simplistic assumptions make all aerospace programs easy to start – but hard to finish”

ESAC Engineering & Aerospace is your competent partner for any sophisticated aerospace program – we support your journey from early ideas to realization – mastering the complex road of technical and regulatory requirements.  

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Our Aerospace Services

Aircraft import and export consulting services

We support you to import or export your aircraft into or out of EU Member-States.

Aircraft Restoration Program Support

Nothing`s impossible. Ask us to support your historic aircraft restoration program.

Aircraft System and Component Design Support

We help you to establish your supplemental type design.

Aerospace Product Certification Support

We are your competent partner for your certification program.

Continuing Airworthiness Management Support

We support your EASA Part 145, CAMO or CAO Organization.

Flight Operation Support

Organizational Support for Flights under Production Organization- or CAMO Approval

Drone Operation and Assistance

Inspection and Photoflights, Organizational assistance for UAS Operators in Open, Specific and Certified category

Your Nose to Tail Engineering Provider

Our Engineering Services

Design Engineering

Part and Equipment Design for multiple Applications

Repair Design

Fast repair solutions for your Heavy Machinery and Equipment

Additive Manufacturing

Real-Time Fabrication to your Individual Requirements

Founders of ESAC Engineering & Aerospace

Who we are

Sebastian Barheier

Sebastian Barheier

Founder and Managing Director

Sebastian`s professionalism is based on keen practical-technical background combined with distinct administrative skills.

After finishing his technical qualification as a mechanic for agricultural machinery he attended Engineering College of the Chamber of Crafts in Lüneburg, Germany and became Master Craftsman in his field of principal education in 2009. His passion in Aerospace however never disappeared so that he finally relocated to Hamburg, Germany in order to enter the aviation industry.

After two years of further training at Technical College he graduated as an Aeronautical Engineer in 2011 and took positions at Lufthansa Technik and Deutsche Lufthansa Berlin-Stiftung in Hamburg.

Sebastian was soon responsible for assigned projects of Lufthansa`s historic aircraft Fleet, became deputy chief engineer for a Lockheed Aircraft Restoration Program and was Chief Engineer of Deutsche Lufthansa Berlin-Stiftung´s Junkers Ju-52. In these Programs he worked closely together with Technical Experts of several disciplines and Aviation Safety Agencies such as the United States FAA and the German LBA.

He has sound background in complex Aerospace Program Management Structures, Supplemental System Type Design and Substantiation, Product qualification and Aging Airplane Programs. His Cross-Industry Experience is a key benefit in any functions of our Product Portfolio.

Jens Weinreich

Founder and General Manager

Jens can look back to more than 40 years of experience in the aerospace industry. Not only had he various positions in Management and Leadership, but is also qualified as Licensed Inspector class 1 (Lba), Certifying Staff B1/C, Airworthiness Engineer, Airworthiness Review Staff and Check Flight Engineer.

His major stations in the industry were Aero Lloyd Technic, DaimlerChrysler Aviation and Lufthansa Technik AG.

Since August 2013 he is member of the EASA Rule making Group Airworthiness Review Process.

In Aero Lloyd Technic Jens was responsible for the technical status of the Airline Fleet as an inspector class 1 and also in charge for keeping all aircraft airworthy.

As the Maintenance Manager for DaimlerChrysler Aviation he built up the JAR (modern Part) 145 organization.

Within Lufthansa Technik he established an independent (non-AOC) CAMO organization and was responsible for its management as a Product Manager CAMO.

He still holds type ratings of McDonnell-Douglas MD80s, Airbus A318 to A350 and Boeing B777 aircraft.

Jens has comprehensive background in large and complex Aviation Programs including the management of those.

A very good relationship to various authorities in Europe and other countries all over the world is the result of more than 40 successful years in aviation.

These unique skills and experiences are part of the core values that any ESAC customer can trust on.

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